Barberians is a range of quality, old-fashioned shaving products. We believe in originals, quality and organic products. Our product line is Danish and everything from idea through design and final touch happens in Denmark. To us it is the use as well as the product. Therefore, we have focus on optimal grooming and how-to, to provide a man a perfect shave. Barberians ensures a perfect and authentic grooming experience.


The idea behind Barberians was created in California, where the American shaving culture has seen a massive revival. Copenhagen is not behind on barbershops, but is now though Barberians also getting up-to-date with quality grooming products. We are the first in Denmark with an original shaving range, where history and tradition meet today. We base this on the Barbarian and the Viking meeting the man of today. ”Back to basics” is the tendency with the masculine and wild in focus, and the beard is the symbol. But he must be tamed, so our concept is built on ”How to tame your inner barbarian”.