The importance of moisturizing your skin

Your skin needs care to stay healthy and nice. In order to achieve and preserve a smooth, clean and healthy skin, it takes both daily hygiene, moisture and protection. Dry skin in particular is a common problem, often caused by frequent exposure to soap, water or dry air. If dry skin is not treated, it can develop into a chronic condition and result in eczema. It is therefore up to you to find the products matching your needs.

A body lotion serves as an ideal complement to the daily hygiene, as it maintains the firmness of the skin and restores suppleness and smoothness. Use body lotion after a nice, hot shower, when the skin is dry and needs care. However, be careful when choosing your products. Avoid lotions containing colorants, parabens and preservatives, as these may cause irritated skin or allergic reactions.

We recommend our own Barberians body lotion, produced in Denmark. It contains a high level of organic and nourishing, natural ingredients from around the world. The unique combination including aloe vera, argan oil and sea buckthorn guarantees a vitamin-rich lotion of the highest quality, which leaves your skin smooth, soft and fragrant. You will notice how the cooling, soothing effect of the lotion nourishes and cares for your skin. It also has an anti-aging effect and is ideal for sensitive and dry skin.

A healthy skin takes just a few good products and some commitment. Skin care is not just about rebuilding, but also about preventing. In addition, keeping a healthy skin will help your skin age gracefully. Take care of your body. It deserves only the best.