Men with beard set
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Men with beard set

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The beard is the man’s most important accessory and also a sign of masculinity, fashion and status. If you are lucky enough to have a full-grown beard, then beard oil is necessary for the wild man. And with our Eau de Parfum you have the possibility of completing your elegant and masculine lifestyle with a lasting, solid and intense scent with hints of spice, wood and citrus.

Beard Oil (30 ml)
Barberians Beard Oil is softening and nutritious and tames the beard so it is ready for styling. And don’t worry, you will not get a greasy or split beard, as the oil is quick dry and non-greasy. The Beard Oil is also the end of a smelly beard from bar visits and food because the oil lives up the beard with a fresh, masculine and wooden smell.

Eau de Parfum, No 01 (100 ml)
Is a masculine perfume with hints of spice, wood and citrus. All scents are carefully selected for a perfect harmony and the Eau De Perfume No. 01 is one of very few perfumes produced in Scandinavia. All ingredients are from the famous perfume area Grasse in France. Be aware that Eau de Parfum is very intense and last twice as long as Eau de Toilette.