Alum block

Alum block

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Alum Block is an antiseptic, crystal-like stone for preservation of the skin after shaving. It has a cooling effect that refreshes the skin and tightens the pores. Additionally, the high level of potassium alum makes the stone perfect for treatment of scratches and cuts after shaving. 

We recommend buying our decorative stone to place your Alum Block on to avoid damage on bathroom. 

How to use:
1. Moisten the stone before use
2. Gently rub the block onto the shaved area to treat the skin
3. Clean and dry the stone after use and store it in a dry place
4. If you are using an aftershave or lotion, wash your face before applying it.

What is our Alum Block?
Barberians’ Alum Block is polished by hand and contains potassium alum, which has a caring, antibacterial effect on the skin. The mineral salts in the stone tighten the pores and constrict the blood vessels. This makes it ideal for treatment of sensitive skin, cuts and razor burn.